Enthusiastic visitors

On Monday, Annabelle and Nancy and I met Nina and two friends at the Ohio Lesbian Archives. Nina went wild listening to audio cassettes–yes, you read that right–audiocassettes of women’s, i.e., lesbian, music from earlier decades.

One friend was enthralled about the different sizes and shapes of books. They are creations, after all, and the ’70s and ’80s in particular had several grassroots women’s presses and publishers who were quite creative.

The mantra was Enthusiasm.

It was gratifying to have visitors–3 in all–yet their appreciation shown through their youthful enthusiasm was quite wonderful. Visits keep us going. Indeed, the Archives just sits there waiting to be used. Whether research for a school paper or curiosity and wonder, we are happy to open the door. Because we are a handful of volunteers, you do need to make an appointment first. [Contact us through our website OLArchives@gmail.com, this blog, or leaving VM @ 513-256-7695 (phebe’s cellphone)].

When will we meet you?

Phebe (Karen) Beiser, for the Archives

2 comments on “Enthusiastic visitors

  1. PM Russell says:

    What is address of Lesbian Archives? Thanks, Rusty

    Sent from my iPhone


    • phebek108 says:

      The Archives is located in the basement of Clifton United Methodist Church at the corner of Clifton Ave & Senator Pl one block north of Clifton & Ludlow intersection. Since we are a small organization run by volunteers and the church is often locked, you must make an appointment to visit. Don’t let the sound of “appointment” scare you away–we love visitors for curiosity or research! Best to email or phone. ~ Phebe

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